Programs we air on KPOG
LifeTalk Radio broadcasts God's message of love and redemption.
HEALTH & LONGEVITY is dedicated to providing you with the latest cutting edge information about Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Medicine so you can live a vibrant, healthy and long life! HEALTH & LONGEVITY is a production of LifeTalk Radio
A dynamic 60-minute radio broadcast in which listeners like you are the program! You’ll get accurate, biblical answers to difficult Bible questions.
Your Story Hour encourages young people to develop a strong Christian character through its dramatized radio program.
Creation Moments is a
2-minute radio broadcast hosted by Ian Taylor that is heard  on over 1,300 radio stations around the world every day. Each program features scientific evidence that points to proof of a world designed by our Creator, not by evolutionary chance.
Hope Sabbath School is an in-depth interactive study of the Word of God
Steve Moore and Rob West explore what the Bible has to say about the spiritual gift of giving.
Heartwise with Charles Mills is a thirty minute program in which we discuss a variety of health topics and answers questions that are sent in.
The View from a Pew is a Live Bible Study Program Aired
M- F 4 - 6PM
The View from a Pew is a Live Bible Study Program Aired
M- F 4 - 6PM
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