LifeTalk Radio broadcasts God’s message of love and redemption.

Bible Answers Live A dynamic 60-minute radio broadcast in which listeners like you are the program! You’ll get accurate, biblical answers to difficult Bible questions.

Creation Moments is a 2-minute radio broadcast hosted by Ian Taylor that is heard on over 1,300 radio stations around the world every day. Each program features scientific evidence that points to proof of a world designed by our Creator, not by evolutionary chance.

Moneywise Steve Moore and Rob West explore what the Bible has to say about the spiritual gift of giving.

HEALTH & LONGEVITY is dedicated to providing you with the latest cutting edge information about Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Medicine so you can live a vibrant, healthy and long life

Your Story Hour encourages young people to develop a strong Christian character through its dramatized radio program.

Hope Sabbath School is an in-depth interactive study of the Word of God

Heartwise with Charles Mills is a thirty minute program in which we discuss a variety of health topics and answers questions that are sent in.

The View from a Pew is a live show where discussion ranges from current news to Bible subject to a daily Bible Study airing Monday – Friday 4 – 6pm CST